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6am - 10am Weekdays

Te Ata Tū with Jas


Te Ata Tū with Jas weekdays 6am-10am


Ingoa: Jason Rauru Phillips


Iwi: Ngāi Tahu ,Ngā Rauru Ngā Iwi


Hapū: Kati Irakehu , Kati Makō me Ngāti Maika ngā Hapū


After years in hospitality, Jas came to Tahu FM in 2015 to start his journey in iwi radio and to connect with his Kaitahutaka. Wake up with Jas from 6am on weekdays. He keeps you up to date with the latest topics and trends and he loves waiata reo Māori, 90s RnB and Hip Hop and his music knowledge is on point.

Favourite Movie?

Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Sister Act, Anime, 80s action flicks, Rocky, Universal Soldier, Conan the Barbarian.


Favourite TV Shows?

Old school cartoons! I grew up with Thunder Cats, He-Man, Shera, and Avatar The Last Airbender.


Favourite Singer / Band / Muzo?

Terence Trent D'arby, Lauryn Hill, Doobie Brothers, Tupac Hall and Oats, Troy Kingi, Annie Crummer.

If you could be any superhero who would it be?


Probably Aqua Man mostly because I wanna look like him.


Best advice you've ever been given?


Finish what you start …. Be considerate of people.


Who is the most important person in your life and why?


My Whānau. We may annoy each other sometimes but we are always there for each other.

What does working for Tahu FM mean to you?


I love that I get to connect with my iwi every day, whether on air or at events and I get to kōrero and listen to music every day who wouldn’t love that haha 

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