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10am - 3pm Weekdays

Te Koha with Hine


Te Koha with Hine weekdays 10am - 3pm


Ko Taranaki te maunga

Ko Oeo te awa

Ko Aotea te waka

Ko Ngāruahinerangi me Ngāti Porou ngā iwi


Hinepounamu Rongonui is a gentle soul. Her strength is te whakamana i te tangata. She scours the motu, bringing you the best interviews from the creative arts. Her wairua and energetic waiata will brighten your day. Weekdays 10am-3pm.

Favourite Movies?

I love romcoms and thrillers.


Favourite TV Series?

The ones that only have like 10 episodes so you can watch the whole thing in one night so it doesn’t drag on for the rest of my days.


Favourite Kai?

Udon noodles yuuuuuuuuuum!

Favourite Musicians?

Maisey Rika is one of my favourite Te Reo Māori Artists, her reo waiata is so captivating. But others are Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Janice Joplin, Bill Withers and more.


If you could be any superhero who would it be?

I would be able to have any kai with just the snap of my fingers.


Best advice you've ever been given?

Don’t join a 3-year gym membership that you can’t cancel (but had to learn that one the hard way)


Who is the most important person in your life and why?

My whaiāipo, Hēmi. He’s my bestie.


Most embarrassing moment?

When I was around 8 y/o I sneezed in front of my Kura classmates and lots of green slug-like hupe hung out of my nose. Everyone started laughing, shame as. I still have to be careful today if I have too much dairy the hupe fills up.

What does working for Tahu FM mean to you?


It’s mean as to be in a team full of crack-up hooligans. But for real, I am so grateful to be a small part of this amazing station that has championed Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga for 30+ years. Only through the whawhai of our tīpuna can we speak freely today and it’s an honour to be a part of this whānau.

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