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Episode Two

In episode two, Waipounamu Te Karu takes us on a deep journey into 'Te Kore' (The Nothingness) 'Te Pō' (The Darkness) 'Te Ao Mārama' (Reality) 

From this Māori worldview we learn to understand depression, suicide, anxiety, hopelessness, and many other illnesses that run rampant in society today.

What is Te Kāinga Hauora

Te Kāinga Hauora is a Mental Health video series that explores the metaphor of one's home (Kāinga).

The metaphor of the 'Kainga' is a way to explore the different parts of our mental health.

We all know where we live physically. But during this series of interviews with highly experienced whanau members who live in Te Waipounamu, we will learn where we are living spiritually, (Wairua) mentally (Hinengaro) and in relation to others (Whānau).

The series explores how we build and maintain our kāinga, while dealing with life's ups and downs. Our whanau members have shared their stories of pain and loss, but also the strength and resilience they have found in themselves and others.

It is most important to remember that you are not alone in your pain and suffering, there are many others going through similar challenges. The main purpose of this series is to encourage anyone who is struggling with mental health issues to share with others and recognise the state of your kāinga and do whatever it takes to strengthen yourself.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to open up, but the benefits are incredible. You will find a sense of belonging and community (Whanaungatanga). It is only by sharing our stories with each other that we can begin to understand ourselves better which will improve our Kāinga Hauora.

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